What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is an area of medical science that deals with the prevention and treatment of injuries resulting from physical activity and sports. This type of treatment and care is necessary for those that participate in sports or exercise. There are two major types of sports medicine. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with medical treatment while sports medicine often treats patients as they come into the hospital. While it is not always the case, sports medicine is more focused on preventive care rather than treating injuries that have already occurred.

Many forms of physical rehabilitation are often required following injuries to the body. These rehabilitation programs often include the use of manual and power tools such as treadmills and stationary bikes. This type of physical rehabilitation also includes strength training and plyometrics, which are more commonly used for athletic training purposes.

Many athletes work with a trainer during training sessions to maximize their recovery time. These types of physical therapists are also used to manage the body’s resistance to injury or damage. This type of physical therapy includes things like stretching exercises and ultrasound or electric stimulation that helps improve range of motion. Stretching exercises can be very effective because it increases flexibility, reduces spasms, and improves muscle and ligament strength. Stretching exercises should not be used by those that suffer from back or knee problems.

The focus of sports medicine focuses on helping athletes reduce the impact of sports-related accidents or injuries. Many injuries occur in and around the field of play, so the first place that many players check for injuries is in the locker room. Other injuries occur during practices or in training. In order to help prevent these injuries from happening, physical therapists work together to evaluate, diagnose, and treat sports injuries.

As a sport progresses, it may be necessary for athletes to receive specialized treatments including physical rehabilitation for specific injuries. These injuries may occur at any point during the sports career. A professional trainer can also be an essential part of the rehabilitation program as the athlete deals with the rehabilitation of one injury or another. A therapist will make sure that the athlete has a healthy lifestyle, including a diet, regular exercise, and rest.

Sports medicine can be beneficial and important to athletes. This type of care provides many benefits to those that participate in sports but does not always require treatment from a doctor. If an injury occurs, there are many professionals that can provide physical therapy and rehabilitation to help athletes regain their strength and functionality in their daily lives.